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October, 2017

Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand conference. Three videos below answering the corresponding question. PAANZ Conf image of Raj Khosla

Q1: What Does Precision Ag Mean to you? (YouTube)

Q2: What has your Life's work revolved around? (YouTube)

Q3: What do you think Precision Ag might look like in 50 years? (YouTube)

Q1 (video direct)

Q2 (video direct)

Q3 (video direct)


November, 2016

PrecisionAg® Vision Conference 2016 (YouTube)PrecisionAG Vision 2017

Prof. Raj Khosla speaking at the PrecisionAg Vision Conference in Phoenix, AZ.







October 25, 2016

Future of Farming: Big Data and Precision Agriculture (YouTube)

UK Ambassador to France Panel Discussion on Big Data for Agriculture

Prof. Raj Khosla speaking through video at the Panel Discussion for Big Data and Precision Agriculture at the UK Embassy in Paris, France







September 15, 2016

GODAN Summit. Precision Ag: How Could Open Data Revolutionize Farm Productivity? (YouTube)GODAN Summit

Prof. Raj Khosla speaking at the Panel Discussion for GODAN Summit 2016.








October 21, 2015

Precision Agriculture and Climate Smart Agriculture (YouTube)

kansas state interveiwRaj Khosla at the Radio Interview in Kansas State University, following his Keynote at the Annual Research and Extension Symposium in Manhattan, KS .






September 24, 2015

Dr. Raj Khosla: From sustainability to mitigating climate change, precision delivers many benefitsDr. Raj Khosla

PrecisionAg Award of Excellence Educator/ Researcher Award Winner Dr. Raj Khosla talks about how precision technology improves decision making in agriculture in the US and around the world.






August 12, 2015

On-point with Tom Ashbrook (YouTube)

farm drone

Dr. Khosla participated in the Live Interview Program (45 mins) and call-in questions on NPR “On-Point with Tom Ashbrook” , the program was focused on “Farming Goes High Tech” – How to feed 9 Billion by 2050, Big Data, and technology in Farming.





October 7, 2014

Climate Smart Agriculture (YouTube)Climate Smart Agriculture Poster

International Colloquium on Global Envrionmental Sustainability- Visions of Future Earth Series.










Other Videos

Sept 12, 2016 Panel Challenges and Opportunities

Panel: Challenges and Opportunities in International Agriculture, By Borlaug training Foundation, Sep 12, 2016. Colorado State University. (YouTube)






2015Global Grand Challenges

Global Grand Challenges: Nourishing our Planet in the Face of Projected Population Growth. Washington DC. By Office of the Vice President for Research at Colorado State University (2015) (YouTube)





May 11, 2015IPM Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing: Examples from the Field, International IPM Conference, UT. May 11, 2015 (YouTube)





August 15, 2014Precision Ag Trends

Precision Ag Trends & New Technology, Keynote, Aug 15, 2014 Washington State University (YouTube)






2013Soil Sampling with A Zone system

Soil Sampling with A Zone System, Ag Professional 2013 at Info Ag Meetings 2013 Springfield, IL (YouTube)




June 20, 2012Voice of America

Precision Agriculture, Voice of America, June 20, 2012 (YouTube)





2012Precision 2.0

What is Precision Ag 2.0? Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Regina, Saskatchewan 2012 By Shaun Haney, Real (YouTube)