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Students of Precision Agriculture


Melissa Bridges (MS)
Thesis Title
Year Graduated:

Zachary Ceplecha (MS)

Thesis Title: Sensitivity and Vulnerability Assessment of Colorado Ground Water to Nitrate Contamination

Year Graduated: 2001


Kim Fleming (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Developing and Evaluating Managment Zones for Variable Rate Fertilizer Application

Year Graduated: 2003


William Gangloff (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Spatial Statistical Analysis of Soil Properties and Crop Yields for Precision Agriculture Applications

Year Graduated: 2004


Andy Hornung (MS)

Thesis Title: Developemtn and Evaluation of Site-Specific Management Zones in Irrigated Maize

Year Graduated: 2004


Daniel Inman (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Precision Nitrogen Management Across Site-Specific Management Zones in Irrigated Maize Production Systems

Year Graduated: 2006


Brad Koch (MS)

Thesis Title: Economic Feasibility of Variable Rate Nitrogen Application Utilizing Site-Specific Management Zones

Year Graduated: 2003


Miguel Angel Lopez-Lopez (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Growth, Nutrient, and Water Status of Montezuma Pine as Affected by ALder in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico

Year Graduated: 2004


Adel Ahmed Hassan Mohamed (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Spatial Modeling of Site Productivity and Plant Species Diversity Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

Year Graduated: 2011


Edwin Moshia (Fulbright- PhD)

Dissertation Title: Precision Manure Management Across Site-Specific Management Zones

Year Graduated: 2009


Monga Mzuku (MS)

Thesis Title: The Relationship Between Measured Soil Properties, Site-Specific Management Zones, and Bare Soil Reflectance: Colorado, USA

Year Graduated: 2002


Mohammed Abdulridha Naser (MS)

Thesis Title: Active Sensing: An Innovative Tool for Evaluating Grain Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Multiple Wheat Genotypes

Year Graduated: 2012


Kim Obele (MS)

Thesis Title: A Vegetative Characterization of Mountain Plover Nest Sites on the Pawnee National Grassland: A Management Perspective

Year Graduated: 2005


Scott O'Meara (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Spatial Dynamics of Weeds in Irrigated Corn

Year Graduated: 2011


Nantachai Pongpattananurak (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Optimal Sampling and Modeling Strategies for Quantifying Natural Resources Over Large Geographical Regions

Year Graduated: 2008


Timothy Shaver (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Ground Based Active Remote SEnsors for Precision Nitrogen Management in Irrigated Maize Production

Year Graduated: 2009


Jeff Siegfried

Article: My Farm Roots: Looking toward the future (Listen to podcast)



Michael Tuffly (PhD)

Dissertation Title: Modeling the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of the Amber-Marked Birch Leaf Miner Infestation in Anchorage, Alaska

Year Graduated: 2012


Stefanie Van Wychen (MS)

Thesis Title: Characterizing Nitrogen Losses Across Productivity Level Management Zones

Year Graduated: 2006

Van Wychen

Chris Woodward (MS)

Thesis Title: Digital Color Infared Imagery and Spatial Analysis for Detection and Mapping of Jointed Goatgrass and Kochia in Winter Wheat

Year Graduated: 2002




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